Bibliaff Inc. is a specialized lending library primarily involved with business books. Our activities are devoted to support our clients in their collection development or simply by supporting their training activities and organizational development programs.

Over the past 15 years we have developed a management book collection that is very appealing to all our customers. Furthermore, we have entertained solid business relations with our suppliers which translates into greater book selection and exceptional service.

"... I can attest without a doubt that through this service not only I saved a lot of dollars for our corporation but I have enabled my colleagues to discover exciting new titles.

I greatly recommend Bibliaff Inc. if you look for an intelligent and practical way to get books from this lending library service."

Robert Galipeau
Manager, Business Information Centre
Rio Tinto Alcan

We have litteraly created a unique service in Canada with Internet applications allowing clients to obtain relevant informations about documents we offer through our collection.

This expertise is helping us to better understand our customers’ needs and to perform wise acquisitions in order to better match their expectations. This is a key reason why our customers have been using our lending library service so for long.