Our service is a turnkey approach, easy to manage and will provide you with substantial savings. You will also be able to link your on-site collection with your Intranet for easy diffusion.

"... I can attest without a doubt that through this service not only I saved a lot of dollars for our corporation but I have enabled my colleagues to discover exciting new titles.

I greatly recommend Bibliaff Inc. if you look for an intelligent and practical way to get books from this lending library service."

Robert Galipeau
Manager, Business Information Centre
Rio Tinto Alcan

  • Access to a wide range of topics and titles
  • Access to a growing and relevant business book collection
  • Easy book circulation management
  • Adapted presentation to your actual needs
  • Possibility to make special requests as needed
  • Possibility to put more emphasis on specific topics
  • Excellent support for your training activities or your collection development
  • Service reaching everyone within the organization
  • No book acquisitions
  • No dormant inventory
  • No cataloguing activity
  • Reducing your acquisition costs
  • Better overall cost control on book purchases